Saturday, 16 January 2016

Feeling better

It's a wonderful change.  My cough is easing off.  It isn't gone, but it is less and less - and as it has plagued my life since October I am very grateful.  It has been a really nasty, convulsive, debilitating time.  My leg is having it's moments, but I've been able to do more.  Not only that, but the eczema attack I have had this week also seems to be calming down.  It was awful a few days ago, I couldn't sit still and I wondered if I was going back to the when I had dressings changed by the nurse.  It isn't good but it is a lot better.  It's great.

Not only that, but DH kindly rehung the curtain.  Bear actually did all his homework and practised the piano.  Yesterday I somehow managed to fill a few more bin bags.  I am considering my next target.

I think I am going to try meal planning again.  I usually fail on an epic scale with this, but it is a good start for healthy food for the family and a good way to check the budget.  To do it properly I need to know what I have in.  To know what I have got in I need a real sort out.  That is not going to happen soon.  I can't get into the cupboards easily.  But I can start planning a rough shape for the meals.

My plan is to more or less, depending, with a little give or take, is to follow the medieval fasting plan.  It was a sin to eat meat on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  I am not planning on sticking so strictly to what is considered meat, and I will definitely be using things like eggs and milk, but it will be a lot healthier and a good way to save a few pennies.  I am going to aim (no guarantees!) to go for using pulses and veggies rather than meat substitutes.  If, and it is a big if, I manage it then I will post the results.

Posting on a Saturday, so I shall start with sweetcorn souffle tonight (fingers crossed).

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  1. Glad to hear that health is improving and that your DH rehung the curtain. Bear, too, deserves credit for doing homework and piano practice. Good luck with the meal planning - it never seems to work for me! I've given up!