Saturday, 23 January 2016

Writing and Research

My internet history really doesn't bear looking at.  My curiosity leads me in strange ways.  It isn't proper research, though.  I feel that for the books based in the Forgotten Village I ought to be reading obscure and arcane books on folklore and mythology that I have found in dusty and hidden bookshops.  Actually I make stuff up that fits.

I do look some things up.  I had to check how to make a mickey finn and whether you can buy slow match on-line.  As for obscure books, there are some stonking Victorian books about the occult and supernatural that are free from Amazon.  I found the werewolf one quite gruesome.  It was written a hundred years ago by a vicar and is a wonderful piece of research.  Actually, my werewolves are, on the whole, quite sweet.

After reading Morgan's comment, I was struck by the coincidence of seeing this article on the BBC today - becoming a writer by immersing yourself in the subject.  The writer spent months lying in a cupboard and writing on his phone.  As my two novels so far have contained werewolves, vampires, boggarts and magicians, I think it may not be the best technique for me.  Werewolves, vampires and boggarts are not real.

On the other hand, the heroine of 'The Forgotten Village' loved cleaning.  Perhaps I should channel that.

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  1. Maybe you have been, because you've been decluttering and clearing out quite a bit, lately, haven't you? :)