Saturday, 9 January 2016

Doing Okay

I'm doing okay.

I have been out with DH's cousin who is always an amazing influence on me.  We just went for a natter but I always feel better.  DH had already done one tip run, but he now has a few bags in his car building up for the next.  I had a rootle through a small cupboard, a fiddle on a shelf through father's stuff and feel good about it.  Everything needs to be cleared!

I can't do too much, darn it, as my leg gets very painful and I suspect that it is inflamed veins so I should pay attention to the pain.  I'm going to use that.  I have more outstanding craft projects than I care to admit to, a backlog of tv I want to watch, and a necessity to be sitting.  Every break in the recorded programmes, or every sensible pause in the stuff without adverts, and I get up and do something for five minutes.  If I just stick to that for a few days then it has to make a difference.

If I can stick to it for a few days then I will get loads of stuff done, and loads of rest.  So far at least half an inch on the shrug (216 stitches on a row and around six rows to an inch), caught up on some hoarders programmes (see my Getting Sorted page) and cleared the stuff as above.

Do I'm doing okay.

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing OK and resting while still getting stuff done. :)