Monday, 11 January 2016

Curtain Fail

I am struggling with this.  There are issues with the curtains.  The heading tape seems more frayed than it should.  The lining is showing runs and tears which I can't work out.  I think the fabric is just poor.  They have been up a few years, but I did not expect this.  The curtains, the first ready made curtains I had bought in years and that cost over £200 for the two rooms, were not sewn straight so when I turned up the hem (didn't have the courage to cut) I had a dreadful job matching it up.

There are issues with the curtain pole in the study.  I don't have the courage to try to put up a new pole but this one is set just that little bit wrong, and I am struggling to get the curtains hung.  The pole should be about twelve inches smaller and the overlap makes the hanging awkward.

There are issues with me.  The curtain pole is ten feet above the floor.  That means I have to go up ladders and reach.  I am nervous on ladders, I hate going up them when I'm on my own.  I have no choice.  My shoulders are painful.  There is a draft that comes onto my left shoulder and I can't raise it properly.  Hooking and unhooking the curtain is painful.  I am also not strong.  A desk needs moving for me to reach one of the hooks that were torn from the curtain.  I can't get the ladder near without moving a desk.  I can't move the desk as not only am I not strong enough but it is full of electronics and they are DH's field.

There is always a bright side.  I can get to a lot of rubbish from bear now that I've moved other furniture to get to the window.  Not only that, but if I have to move the desk then this might be the chance to sort out the wires under there which I have been desperate to do for some time.  And I have shortened the two curtains in the study.  It could be a lot worse. 

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