Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Surprising Day

I suffer badly from depression.  There have been times when making a hot drink was too overwhelming for me to even attempt.  Yesterday wasn't that low, but it wasn't good.  However around lunchtime I managed to hit the 'darn it to heck' button.  Then this happened

It's a duvet cover with heading tape.  I didn't line it, just stitched on the heading tape by hand while I watched Hoarders.  There is suddenly a lot less draught.  It isn't long enough.  The standard door height in the UK is, I think, 84 inches and the duvet cover was 80 inches, but that is why I have a draught excluder sausage.  It also means that it won't get caught between the door and the floor so much like the last one.

Then there was this.

I think it looks cute.  It's a pot that has been hanging around the back of the cupboard with a piece of Tesco Value bath sponge in it.  I just prefer sponges as pincushions.

As it collects dust I can just rinse out the sponge and wash the pot.  However, just to finish it off, I made this.

I should have cut a circle and then cut a strip the length of circumference plus seam allowance, folding it over on the top to make the small frill and channel for the thin ribbon.  However working out the circumference is beyond my maths skills, so I cut five identical squares - and it worked!  I did the whole matching up and it worked!  They fit together!  I am nervous about my ability to cut accurately so this is a real boost.  This was also hand stitched while watching Extreme Couponing and Hoarders.  It holds the pincushion nicely.

Bear is still on the endangered list.  There are ongoing discussions about the need to change socks.  When bear said, 'but it's just a pair of socks' I don't think he realised how near the edge he came.

I am disappointed that my leg gets so sore after just a little.  I did some ironing and now my leg really hurts.  Still, that's an excuse for more crafting.  I'm not doing the throw, as that needs me to stand up to get some bits flat and others matched up.  I don't feel I have the courage to tackle the quilt piece or the cushion pattern.  However I have knitting on the needles so I can perhaps do a few rows of that.

Also, I used a rubber band on the door curtain rod to stop some of the rings from slipping and I used a rubber band to secure the end of the ribbon which is still nearly a whole reel full.  I have not yet run out.


  1. Look at you go! Well done! Love the colors and design on the duvet cover curtain.

  2. That's fab Sybil, well done! Talking of draiught excluders, have you seen this sort http://www.lakeland.co.uk/25017/Under-Door-Draught-Excluder They move with the door, which seems like a really good idea to me.
    Sorry to hear your leg is still giving you gyp. to you xx