Thursday, 21 January 2016

I Love Thought Experiments

Bless's comment about the diffusers on my last post was very interesting.  She suggested surgical spirit instead of vodka.  I had the idea that surgical spirit was hard to get hold of over here, and that it would be only sold by chemists who would look disapproving as they sold you a very small bottle indeed.  I had a quick look around out of curiosity.  Of course it is on eBay and Amazon, in all sorts of sizes.  The best price on eBay looks to be around £3.39 for a litre (on sale if you buy five litres), compared to the vodka at £14.29 per litre.  That is a significant difference.

Bless also suggested that I could use all sorts of twigs, or even lavender stems.  I have a large amount of leggy lavender in my garden.  It is making me very thoughtful.  I don't know anyone who would appreciate it as a gift.

I shall do some more thinking today.  Issue three of the quilting magazine has just arrived and I need to catch up.  As I am trying the pattern out on scrap fabric first, and as I am hand sewing.  I am waiting in on a collection, so can't be doing anything noisy.  They knock on my door as if they are scared it will eat them, I have to keep my ears strained for the nervous tap.  If I manage anything I will share.

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  1. I bought industrial quantities of bicarb & citric acid to make bath bombs, I was half expecting a raid form the drug squad, especially considering the area I live in!