Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lovely and Dull!

After the last few years, a few days where nothing happens may be a poor do for the blog, but is very welcome to me.

I suspect it may get a little busier next week.  Bear is showing all the signs of coming down with something green nosed and gruesome.  He has very pink cheeks and very bright eyes with a tendency to tell us all that it isn't fair.  Tomorrow he is supposed to go to school for the last swimming lesson.  Tuesday he is supposed to be seeing the consultant after my battle to get an appointment.

At least bear had a quiet day today, as he played on his tablet, complained that something on the computer wasn't fair and generally just hung around.

DH and I are also flagging so high on the list tomorrow is opening all the windows, at least briefly.  The forecast is for dangerously high winds.

I shall be very glad when the weather calms down.

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