Thursday, 21 January 2016

What You Can Buy Online

I've seen everything now.

My search history doesn't bear looking at.  I have googled how to poison, stab and murder (research for novels - honest!) and checked that you can get slow match (Digging up the Past had slow match which you can get on Amazon but the version in the book burns quicker).  I have found arsenic on eBay in its mineral form.  I assume that anything to do with sex is out there, but I haven't really looked that closely.

Now I have found that you can buy Holy Water on eBay.  It does make it easier for a would-be vampire killer, but really!  Look here if you want!  There is a picture of Our Lady of Lourdes on the side of the bottle.  It just seems odd to me, selling Holy.  I know priests have to live and that the places where people meet to worship need upkeep, but it makes me feel uneasy in ways I can't work out.

I wonder what would happen if a would-be vampire hunter bought some Holy water from the internet and it was fake?


  1. H eprobably wouldn't live to tell anyone....

  2. I love your books but I bet you do have to do some strange research for them - they are intriguing! Much love xxx