Monday, 24 August 2015

Almost Productive

I've taken the recommendation to keep all the stuff re father in one place.  That has been a lifeline.  I've managed to get quite a few letters written and sent.  There is still washing up, tidying, cleaning, etc etc etc but the letters are done.  I've even put a note in the to-do list on Google calendar.  I need to work on checking that daily.

I am aiming to get a decent load for the car tomorrow for DH to take to the tip.  In fact, I aim to do that daily.  That is on the mental map.  So is making a decent dinner tonight, I fancy shepherd's pie with spiralised carrots (new gadget).

The other target is to catch up on tv while handsewing some placemats.  I want them done soon as then not only will they be off the list but there will be less stuff in the house and more useful things.  I'm aiming to do that over two days.  That may be wildly optimistic, but it's something.

As bear has a small boy round I can safely leave them to entertain themselves.  It would have been father's 84th birthday today.  I'm taking today as it comes.


  1. You're doing really well. to you

  2. Glad that idea has been helpful - it is still very useful to us here as there are still a couple of things to be cleared up, even more than a year later. Birthdays and things like that take some getting used to, so do whatever you need to get through it. I should think raising a glass would have been approved of by dear father! Love and hugs xxx

  3. Birthdays are always a bit sad when the person is no longer there and you are so recently bereaved that
    it's hard to smile through the tears yet but you will and look back and even laugh too. hope you raised a glass to your very dear father x