Saturday, 15 August 2015


Sir Terry Pratchett described how Magrat bought occult jewellery as a distraction from being Magrat.  She had two boxes of the stuff and still was exactly the same person.  Last night I bought some Magrat earrings - not occult jewellery but something to distract me from being me.  Fortunately they were inexpensive, but at the moment all bets are off.

I suspect I am going through a mid-life crisis, and it is actually quite fun, looking at things and thinking - do I like this?  Regardless, now is the best chance to find out what I can do.  After my adventure with the tyres and inspired by Morgan's refinishing of her small chest of drawers I have bought some black paint and clear varnish and have ordered some fancy paper from eBay (my friend) which looks a bit like this and I will have a go with an inexpensive side table we are considering getting rid of.

Once I have had a go at that and worked out what I am doing then bear wants to have a go with his table.  I shall let him.  Who knows after that.  It may turn out to be Magrat decorating, but it may not. I intend to have fun!

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  1. Sounds like a good plan to me! That blue and white paper is very pretty.