Monday, 17 August 2015

Darn it to Heck

Bear is in tears.  He has fallen hard for a cat that is probably around six months old and almost certainly belongs to someone else.  He wants to take it in.  I have reluctantly donated some of our dinner which the cat enjoyed and now bear is making friends.

He really, really, really wants a cat.

I can't wait to see what DH makes of it.  Probably the same as me - we don't want to see bear unhappy, but darn it to heck we do not want the upheaval of a cat/kitten on top of everything else.  It would be helpful if DH and I were not as soft as butter when it comes to bear and very much aware of what bear has been through over the last few years.

I have an uneasy feeling that when bear goes into school and is asked what he did in the holidays he will tell people that he lost a grandad but gained a cat.

Must. Stay. Strong.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! It's hard to say no to a child's request for a pet.