Monday, 3 August 2015

Not a Good Day

It hasn't been a bad day in terms of grieving.  Bear has had a tough time, but on the whole we are doing okay there.

However trying to find the right page on the internet to add data on to my phone and failing, then failing to get through security on the phone (DH set up the phone) then needing to get a taxi as I was running late and while I had kept the same appointment for the registrar to register the death they had changed the location so I was on the hop, then the taxi driver creatively misunderstanding where I wanted to go, then trying to get back to pick up bear afterwards on the world's slowest bus, then not having someone at the funeral parlour that knew what they were doing and that knew father, then being overrun with small boys, then failing to get an answer from the delivery driver re the missed parcel and not being able to pick up the click and collect stuff at Matalan because I don't have enough data to show the email on my phone, to staggering round IKEA with a blinding headache because the new glasses are really not working, then frantically hoping that DH's bedding had dried...

It could be worse.  The beef is cooked for tomorrow, IKEA had everything we needed (and only two extra cushion inserts added to the bill) and we got the delivery date we wanted.  Start again tomorrow.


  1. Remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e and take a few minutes for yourself in all of this! Sending warmest hugs and much love. x