Friday, 7 August 2015

Bolshy Bees

Bear has almost unlimited screen time.  I'm strict about things being age appropriate and no screen time near bedtime but otherwise I am negligent.  I let him get on with it.  This is probably why he was out playing football this afternoon.

He has already lost several balls, some more than once and some not belonging to him, behind Matalan's fence.  I had warned him that I would purchase no more.  So I feared the worst when I heard, 'Muuuuum...'  He hadn't exactly lost the ball.  It was just under the edge of the lavender.  The lavender is full of bees.  Bear decided that retrieving the ball was definitely a job for mum.

I couldn't blame him.  Not only were there dozens and dozens of bees, but some of them were huge.  The ones from the chimney are just honeybee size and while there were a lot of them they did not look nearly as threatening as the myriad bumblebees bustling around.  I am sure if you knew bees that you would find more than one variety.  However there were a lot of them, some of them were very big, and they all looked very determined.  I used a rake.

Here is the best photo I managed - the little buzzers move quick.  It was taken on a cool and overcast evening at 8pm.  I leave it to your imagination what it looked like at 2pm when it was sunny here.

I think I need to practise with my phone before I enter any photography competitions.

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  1. So envious of your lavender! I had a small plant but it died due to lack of enough water.