Saturday, 22 August 2015

Random Continues

Another Amazon parcel has arrived.  The driver pulled up and asked for Lisa (Lyssa Medana has her own Amazon account and I'm often too lazy to switch between them) and handed over the parcel.  It was scything down and there was thunder but there was also the most amazing, dazzling rainbow.  'Look at the rainbow!' I said without thinking.
'I can't if I want to get finished before midnight.' the driver finished typing in the details.  'Happy Christmas!' and then he drove off.

As father is no longer watching our tv, I cancelled all our sports channels.  Father used to watch BT Sport and Sky Sports on his ipad, using Sky Go.  Right until the end he was enjoying the cricket.  However I could see no point in laying out @ £30 a month on Sky Sports and the extra BT Sports.  I enjoy football, but I don't get to watch it, and the world cup next year will be on terrestrial.  DH has never followed football.  Bear has suddenly found an interest in football.  I should be used to it now.

I might possibly, possibly convince myself it is worth spending the extra £5 per month for BT Sport if bear's interest in football lasts longer than the bananas in the fruit bowl.  I will definitely not be re-subscribing to Sky Sports.

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