Sunday, 23 August 2015

Yellow Sticker Epic Fail

Yesterday I bought two packs of reduced green beans for a total of 58p.  As I was prepping them for dinner tonight I did some thinking and checked the label.  I paid 58p for 160g of green beans.  This works out at a £3.65 per kilo (roughly, I am a fail at maths).

If I had bought the frozen green beans from Tesco, which bear finds completely acceptable then I would have paid £1.12 per kilo (a bag is just under at £1 for 900g).  Even allowing for any extra weight of ice, it still looks like the yellow sticker green beans were still twice the price of the frozen ones.

I can understand seriously preferring fresh if you are going to eat your veggies raw.  However I was always going to cook the green beans, and frozen food is usually a lot fresher than 'fresh'.  The I know peas are frozen within an hour or two from being picked and I don't expect the green beans are much different.  As veggies start to deteriorate as soon as they are picked and can take a day or two to reach the supermarket, especially if they come from Kenya, then frozen is better when it comes to nutrition, unless you grow your own.

So I paid twice the price for less fresh produce even after it was reduced!  I was bamboozled by the yellow sticker.

I must remember always do the sums!

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