Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Not Surprised

Earlier today I posted this

I have a lot of stuff to do, and unfortunately it goes something like, I need to do A.  Before I can do A I need to move B.  Before I move B I need to clear C.  Before I clear C I need to clean D.  Before I clean D I need to give E a good sort out.  However in order to make space to give E a good sort out I need to do A. 

I was just attempting A (putting together a Billy Bookcase) when I heard the sound that strikes fear into every mother's heart.  'Muuuuuuum, it was an accident...'

Bear had managed to spill most of the three litres of bubble mix someone had kindly given bear for a belated birthday present in the porch.  Actually it was over the mat, the floor and the concrete step coming in.  It was a slip hazard.  I ended up doing Z - cleaning the porch.

The porch really needed doing.  I had ignored it for over a year, it had been the home of muddy balls, wet umbrellas and the roof sometimes leaks.  It did not make a good first impression.  It is about four foot square - perhaps a little more than a metre.  I managed to fill two bin bags.  To be fair, that was mainly matting.  Father put down mats.  I ignored them.  Today, when I shifted to clean, one disintegrated and a centipede ran out.  I can cope with ridiculously large spiders but centipedes are a step too far.  

I've thrown out the mats, wiped over the window sills and taken the first layer of dirt off the lino.  It will take a few more goes.  But I have done something, and it felt good.  Now I need to find a screwdriver and a hammer for the bookcase.  Onward and upward.  

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