Monday, 10 August 2015

This weather was not forecast

I like watching weather forecasts.  I am not a farmer, I do not depend on the weather for anything, especially as I can't even dry washing outside without the clothes smelling.  However I do know that the downpour that just happened was so severe that it interfered with the Sky signal.  We were only supposed to be slightly overcast.  At least I don't have to water the garden.  I may have to chase after the pots if they float down the street.

Fortunately some random people came and cleared up the fly tipping across the road before it all started belting down.  I have no idea why they came, they were definitely not from the council, but they did an amazing job.  It is odd.  This time last year there were cars and boxes from the back of lorries and trailers and stuff in the street.  Now there is nothing.  The tyres have gone (apart from my painted tyres), the drums of oil have gone, now they have even taken miscellaneous crisp packets and soft drinks bottles along with the battered sofas and the strange and oddly shaped bits of wood.  It's nice, I suppose, but empty.

I've got someone to house sit during the funeral, as everyone locally will know about it.  I've sorted the flowers.  I've gone for bright.  Father liked bright, and to be honest a formal lily-and-roses thing wasn't him.

In the more reasonable rain previously the lavender was still full of buzzing.  If I do make any lavender bags I shall purchase the lavender flowers.  It will be worth the money to avoid the fear, dread and terror at trying to get past the bees!

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