Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shouldn't be Here

I should be doing.  I have a large display cabinet being delivered this afternoon and I am expecting a Methodist minister.  I am trying to make a space for both and failing on an epic scale.

Also - I've told everyone the wrong time for the funeral service.

Also - I need to feed several small boys.

Also - I am expecting a delivery of fleece that DH isn't expecting

Also - I have dining room chairs that need to be assembled.  I am not feeling very confident, even though they are from IKEA.  IKEA is usually very possible.

On the bright side, you would not believe how much stuff is getting cleared out.

Off to float a tentative suggestion of beans on toast.


  1. Methodist ministers seem to find themselves a place to sit whatever the state of the place, so I wouldn't worry about him or her! Beans on toast is an excellent meal for small people - lots of protein and energy - keep on carrying on! Hugs xx

  2. You sound just a bit overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and just do one thing on your list at a time. Is there anyone at all who could help you with assembling the chairs? A friend, family member, neighbor?