Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bear's Day Gets Better

Poor bear was really upset as we cleared father's room in the care home.  However he then went to his tutor.

As I have mentioned, bear goes to visit a maths tutor on the strict understanding that he doesn't go beyond his year, beyond what his school has taught him and that it is for fun.

Today the tutor allowed bear to play with non-Newtonian fluids.  If you slowly push your hand into a cornflour and water mix then it is liquid, if you hit it, then the mix is solid.  Bear and DH explained but I didn't keep up.  I found a link on Wikipedia here, but I didn't understand it.  The tutor (who is really lovely) then put some dry ice into test tubes, put a cork in and then they went outside to see the test tubes explode.  Bear was in heaven.

DH was very impressed as well.  When asked to give an example of a solid, bear said, 'sodium'.  It just goes to show that YouTube is for more than just cat videos.  For those, like me, that stick to cat videos, here is a favourite one of mine.  I miss evil cat.

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  1. Just to say hello, I hope you are taking care of yourself. I miss my old cat too, he lived till 20 and he owned me from 6 weeks old. There was nothing evil bout him but he did bring in plenty of rodent gifts which despite my shock and horror continued up to the end. Life will get easier , there is a sort of limbo, I found after I lost my lovely dad, until after the service. I look back and smile about dad now although this seemed impossible at first. Debbie