Sunday, 30 August 2015

Missing Sweeties

I dragged bear to church this morning.  He quite likes it when he is there but objects in the short term to being removed from friends/football/computer.  

There was a Christening.  The church was incredibly full.  There were loads and loads of of kids running around.  Father always had a pocket of sweeties for the little ones, he would have been happy to have to go and get more for them.  He would have loved the kids running riot during the service, it was so welcoming.  I found it tough because it reminded me so much of father and his ways, but it was another hurdle passed.  It is just over a month, we are all doing okay.

Not only was bear well behaved in church, he was pretty well behaved yesterday when we visited my brother.  To be quite accurate, bear visited my brother's dog.  Woody got the longest tummy rub ever.  It was another moment when we felt the gap, as father would have been shamefully indulgent to the dogs.  DH stepped into the gap and Woody managed to scrounge far too much of the barbecue chicken.

Bear is currently baffling me with football cards.  Fortunately they are on the computer and I haven't had to pay out for them.  I think today will be a quiet day.

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