Sunday, 2 August 2015

Does Washing Up Liquid Go Off?

I have just tried using some of the washing up liquid that had been in father's room.  Father was set up in his room with a sink, fridge, microwave and stuff like plates etc so that he could do his own thing.  I wanted him to be independent as long as possible, even though he was living with us, as it kept him more functional.  This means that I am finding all sorts of household stuff that has hung around for the last year.  The fairy liquid was fine, but there were only a few drops left.  The Asda stuff smells funny.  I may just pour it down the drains.  You can use a mix of washing up liquid and water on greenfly, but our greenfly come with ladybirds and ants so I'm leaving them for now.

I have also run out of vases.  This isn't a big surprise, as I only had one and lots of people loved father.  At the moment I have just run out of plastic boxes tall enough but on the bright side I have just remembered a tall jug in father's room.  I really appreciate the flowers.

I have also come across the idea of Slow Sewing.  It's sewing stuff like quilts by hand.  Bear is not keen on me doing any sewing, but will tolerate me stitching things.  He violently objects to the sewing machine.  I am working on it.  I am determined to try and shoe horn some of this in, but not at the moment.  At the moment I am just doing what comes to hand first.

Thank you for all the good wishes, they really help.  I think you are right, BlueHouseDebs, I will be able to function a little better after the funeral.  You sound like your furry friend was lovely and close to you.  Evil cat really was evil.  The war over the right to sit in the armchair has passed into family legend.  The vet's receptionist spoke of her in hushed tones.  She was a legend and not in a good way.  However she gave awesome cuddles.

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