Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Regretting Place Mats

Jean - it is really helpful to get a sensible size for the place mats.   I've cut some out around that size.  My friend eBay was less than helpful.  Some were as small as 9 inches wide.  I've gone for bigger, around 20 inches by 14, but I am allowing for a fringe.  I'll post pics when I get further on.

I'm regretting the placemats a little.  There are some pleasant placemats on eBay for a reasonable price.  However I can't find any that are as right as how I hope mine become.  They need to be big, washable, and I want a particular colour.  We are fond of sauces containing tomatoes here, so that means a lot of soaking in biotex and hanging out in sunlight.  However it would have been so much easier to just get cheap ones and keep replacing them - but that seems so wasteful and so ecologically damaging.  It seems wrong.

I haven't had a chance to do much today.  Bear got some grit in his eye.  He needed vast quantities of cuddles and I ended up taking him to the doctor.  His eye is sore, but he has drops and it is picking up.  I suspect the grit got washed out by natural tears fairly early on, as the doctor (who is an awesome GP) couldn't find anything, and the eye will settle down normally.  As I am a fail on an epic scale when it comes to eyes I am hoping I will not have to administer many - DH was heroic and coaxed bear to take the drops.  Poor bear.  He could barely manage his maths lesson.

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