Friday, 14 August 2015

Serious Rain

The rain is tipping down here.  It is really, seriously, determinedly raining.  That is, I have the same weather as most of the UK.

Bear was trying to persuade the other small boy taking up the study to go out and play football.  This is what their normal football pitch currently looks like.

Bear's friend is understandably reluctant, because his mother will go mad if he gets as muddy as last time and he may get grounded.  The whole, 'I may get soaked to the skin and covered with mud' issue is seen as a positive and not a negative.  

I can tell that this is where they regularly play football as here is a pic of the evidence.  It took serious skill to get the ball wedged here behind the fence.  I won't let anyone climb around as it is a place favoured by drug users.

At least the bees are getting a day off.  I am still not cutting any.  Apart from the whole 'getting it dry' issue, it looks very second hand indeed, and has been beaten down by the rain.

And I really don't need to water the tomatoes.

I keep forgetting to say - thank you so much for the kind messages.  I really have appreciated them and the time and thought in them, and they have really helped.

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  1. Send us some of that rain, please! We are in our 4th year of drought; mandatory water conservation measures in full effect. We could do with a bit of rain.