Thursday, 20 August 2015

Even More Bewildered

Witch Hazel - due to my incredibly lax attitude to screen time (apart from at bed time and it had better be age appropriate or bear will regret it) bear has seen some really fun things on YouTube about science and mathematics and now has had an amazing play.  I agree, this is how best to get someone excited about Science.  The maths tutor (who is really lovely) is his treat.  We deliberately asked around for someone who would not try and get bear to reach a higher level or qualify for an exam but for someone who would understand that this was a fun time for bear.

YouTube has it's downsides.  So far I have been bewildered by Pokemon, Skylanders and Minecraft.  Bear will fire off statistics and facts about them at me and I nod, smile and wonder what he is on about.  Now he has progressed to a card game based on football that he somehow watches on YouTube.  I have had lectures about players I can't pronounce.  I have had one sided discussions about the relative points of players I have never heard of.  I am completely and wholly bewildered by another swathe of statistics which I have no idea what they relate to!  My smile is getting a bit fixed.  Fortunately bear has a 'hit and run' delivery so will insist I listen, washing up gloves dripping with foam or poised on the stairs with an arm full of washing or standing with a brush and dustpan in my hands as he rattles off some information which I cannot relate to in any way, then disappears.  I hope he doesn't expect me to remember it.

And if I hear one more word about Christian Ronaldo, I will not be responsible for my actions.

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