Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday and it Shows

I feel more random than ever.  I've just had a furtle under a trolley that I didn't need to even touch.  I didn't find what I wanted anyway, but I did find six more rolls of wrapping paper so that's something.  I also found the left over party bags from bear's party and so small boys are scattering small bits of plastic tat and high sugar/low nutrition sweets everywhere.  I have also just realised that bear has been wearing school shoes to play out in.  

I also have had an email to let me know that my plants are on their way.  I haven't got any plants ordered, at least, none that I remembered ordering, and all the plants I did order were things like tomatoes and half way through August is far too late.  I'm hoping that the email is a glitch.

I'm trying to work out what I should be doing now.  I have absolutely no idea.  I think I'll just start in the middle.  

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  1. Sometimes, the middle is the best place to start.