Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Another Day, Another Play Date

Bear is getting a bit old for play dates.  Pretty soon he will be just hanging out with his mates. The latest guest arrived as bear was playing football with another pal and just dived in.  I just hope the house is almost fit when his mother picks him up later.

DH did wonders in the study this morning (so much for his annual leave!) and I've been pootling around, so things are starting to pick up.  It is still completely chaotic, but in different ways.  I am still bewildered.

I think I can have a big push after the funeral then I can pick up the slack with uncle when school starts.

Some time later, after all the interruptions, I have fed them treats, provided various drinks, mopped up spills, supervised a scrape down of mud, a token wipe of the dirt and I am hiding from what they are doing to the piano (discordant rather than destructive).  Now I am taking five minutes before getting back to the coal face.

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