Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sitting on my Hands

I've just been dipping in to a reprint of 'The Compleat Housewife' by Eliza Smith, this version originally published in 1758, that is, 257 years ago.  I found it quite fun and I shall leave it in the bathroom for further study.  I am intrigued by some of the recipes, though they do give instructions like, 'add nutmeg until it is enough' or 'boil it until it is enough' or 'add twenty eggs but fourteen whites'.  There is one instruction I recognise, 'boil it until it is all to pieces' which sounds typical of my standard of cooking.

It also has some old remedies.  If you are interested in alternative medicine try Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife  I don't usually use alternative medicines, and have no knowledge, but I do know enough to be wary.  I am far too wary to use remedies in eighteenth century books that involved drinks with powdered lead in them.  The food recipes look interesting.  If I try any I'll share and let you know.

What I really, really, really need not to do is try and make a rug.  I mean, a different rug from the one I have already started.  I saw an idea today and I really, really wanted to try it because I have been looking everywhere for a rug for the living room and not found anything and this would be ideal - but I have too much outstanding!

I'm off to distract myself with a film, a placemat and a long glass of diet cola.

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