Thursday, 6 August 2015

Having a Dither

Morgan - I am sorry I doubted the depth of knowledge that didn't even need google, and I am incredibly impressed.  Actually I am still impressed that anyone could google 'spider' and not come up with an arachnid, but there you are!  That certainly doesn't take away from you actually knowing what a spider is in this context.  You definitely have my respect!

I don't know what to do first.  I really don't.  I should be doing A but I am going to have to start with B because it means that there will be enough room for DH to assemble the new display cabinet.  At least it is our stuff and not father's.  That's probably next on the list, but who knows.

The trouble is, there is no space to put stuff from B, but even if I did A first there still wouldn't be that much more space.

I Hate to Housekeep is a book by Peg Bracken and she said the best time to entertain people is when you are decorating because people will excuse you lots of mess and dust and give you credit for being incredibly brave.  I have people coming to visit around the time of the funeral.  Stripping wallpaper has never looked so appealing.


  1. Lol - I have lots of useless information! I have similar furniture issues at the moment, as I have cleared the big back bedroom for the two EF girls to share [who are arriving BH weekend at the end of the month] and moved the EFG into the smallest sparest room - and now I have no linen cupboard and nowhere to store all my study books.....the linens and towels are all over the place and we often can't find a towel, and the books are cluttering up the office in boxes! I have three weeks to sort this mess n hugs xx

  2. Hi Sybil, you are doing well with your sorting . Just to add to the spider confusion, one of the components of a very expensive Chaskit pony rug I use for one of my gang, are long strappy webbing bits that go through the pony's legs and around the chest to keep it on, is called a spider too! It's usually covered in mud and worse! Keep on keeping on x