Friday, 21 August 2015

Another Question

What the jeff am I supposed to do with a trouser press?

So far I am looking at a trouser press, a hifi with no re-sale or donation value, a vast heap of cds and dvds, none of which I can see getting a quick home, and a swathe of clothes.

I am handing over the pink flannelette sheets (ughh!!!!) to former Nice Mr Next Door.  Each to their own, but pink sheets are very high on my yeurk scale.

I disposed of zillion and three tomato sauce sachets which had been carefully harvested from KFC.  I approve in principle, but they have been there over a year.  The same went for the brown sauce and the iffy looking mayonnaise sachets.  I scraped the sugar up and disposed of it with a crusty splat.

Bear has claimed an extremely odd bit of bedding.  It's a little like an old fashioned eiderdown, thickly quilted, but sewn into a sort of sleeping bag.  Father felt the cold.  However he was never that cold in our house.  I do hoard blankets, I can't help it, it's a weakness.  I can now, after some excavation, see where I got it from.

I also need to take in another few bags of out of date prescription medicines.  Last time when I took in two carrier bags full I got a Look.  I expect I will get it again.

I have never managed to get signed up to Freecycle effectively, for some reason I get fails on an epic scale.  I suppose some luckless charity will find some benefit.  If I was a serious gardener I could use the cds to make bird scarers.  I am not a serious gardener.

Actually I just had a quick look on my friend eBay and I found this.  A non electric trouser press recommended for pressing flowers.  Father's may be electrical (and really elderly) but I'm sure it would be fine for flowers, and pressing fabric, and, well, all sorts.  As it had to be left on overnight for a pair of trousers I suspect it would be inadequate and yet still overkill for bear's school trousers.

So, I have a use for the trouser press.  Next!

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  1. Sounds liuke you're really making headway, even if it doesn't feel like it. CDs and DVDs 9and books) you might be able to sell on ziffit or somewhere similar? You may only get pennies for each, but it does add up. There are several sites like ziffit, and just because one doesn't want a partuclar cd/dvd, another one may still want it, it depends what their stock levels are.