Saturday, 22 August 2015

More Random Than Normal

I missed a call from my brother earlier today and bear and his pal didn't bring the phone up in time for me to answer it.  I rang my brother back and explained that I had been stuck on the upstairs landing with a fridge.  'So it's a normal day there for you.' he said.

The fridge was father's but hasn't been used for a year.  I know someone who may want it for a barbecue, so I was wondering if I could get the fridge down the stairs by myself.  It is only a mini fridge, but eventually I decided someone stronger than me needed to carry it down.

There are four large bags of pink sheets in the middle of my kitchen floor.  Father must have smuggled them in.  I only really like white for sheets and I don't really do pink at all, so I am unimpressed.  I don't think I could use them for dusters.  However Nice Mr Next Door can use them for rags.  Apparently he is coming round 'soon'.

I'm starting to go under a little and so is DH who is badly in need of a break that doesn't involve a crisis.  Witch Hazel gave some good ideas about selling cds and dvds but I've talked with DH and we decided that we don't have the head space to do that.  The local tip has a bank for unwanted cds and dvds to be donated to charity/recycled so we can take stuff there.  Check out Witch Hazel's comments for the ideas though, as it is a really useful suggestion.

In fact our local tip has places where clothes and books can be donated as well.  There was no way we could get anything for father's clothes that would make it worth the trouble, and father would really have wanted things to go to good causes.  It's like the issue of the collection at church at the funeral.  They asked if he had a charity he supported.  I would be harder pressed to find a charity he didn't support.

But I did get a load of yellow sticker stuff in town, so I am happy about that.

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