Friday, 28 August 2015

Seeing Sun!

Alex - our school holiday this summer is from 21 July to 8 September.  It feels like several years.  It has been quite eventful, but bear is doing okay.  I'm not sure how I'm doing.

It's a nice change to see the sun.  I thought, as we are in a sheltered position, I may get some peppers.  I've had plenty of flowers but no fruit.  The same is true for the tomatoes.  Does anyone else remember the October when the temperature reached 30 C?  Unless we get something like that, we are going to get nothing from the peppers and tomatoes.  Mind you, I suspect I should have fed them more and staked them but what with one thing and another it didn't happen.  I am definitely not bothering next year.

There is also a minor issue of how the heck I am supposed to get to the outside of the study window.

It's high up, and poised over the vast and billowing mass of lavender.  I do have to get there though, as small boys, muddy footballs and windows are not a good combination and while nothing is broken, there is a significant muddy patch on the study window.

Despite the breezy weather the lavender is still full of bees and I even spotted one small cabbage white butterfly hanging on for dear life as the lavender was blown about.  I am considering creeping out in the dead of night to cut some of the old heads off to encourage the new grow for the bees.  I think they would appreciate it.


  1. I had to bring my tomato's into the conservatory several weeks ago, the cold and wind were killing them. I have a few tomato's coming along now.
    I think in order to grow anything worthwhile in this country you either need a greenhouse or polytunnel, the weather is just too unpredictable.

  2. Our girls go to school on the 3rd September here, so you have nearly a week longer than us to wait for school to start. I admit that with the EFG home from uni in May and the YFG finishing in June after her GCSEs were done - I am VERY ready to get back to school this week! Normality WILL be resumed, at last........I hope!