Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Is it Bedtime Yet?

Actually, it's around 2pm as I type.  I've dealt with some tricky correspondence regarding stuff for father, cleared out a lot of clothes (father liked nice clothes) ready for charity shop/we buy your old clothes shops, taken a very long call from someone needing a shoulder to rant at, and dealt with two small boys and a computer.

They've played out in the rain.  They've tracked mud in.  They've gone out in the rain again.  They've argued over the computer.  They've gone out in the rain again.  Bear has negotiated hard about which shoes are fit to play outside in the rain.  They have identified the gorgeous cat that bear wanted to adopt as belonging to someone - I suspect that a decision on a cat is deferred rather than just denied.  They have gone out in the rain again.  They have done unspeakable things with balloons while I have been on the phone and have become extremely light headed.  They have now very helpfully posted some letters for me.  I gave them some pennies for the shop while they came out and they came back with industrial quantities of chocolate.  I suggested that they avoided being sick.

I still have serious quantities of father's clothes still to sort through.  The letters were posted with stamps that I found in one of his pockets.  I cannot currently get to the window in father's room, but I am still optimistic.  I was planning to try making a quilt this afternoon (or at least start), but I think I will just hide in the other room.  

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  1. One day at a time, one heap at a time, one step........you know what I mean - be gentle with yourself xxx