Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I Forgot to Say Thank You Even Though I Really Felt Thankful

Some really amazing people used phenomenal google-fu and found the details of spider cake.  I've cut and pasted

Ravylesley found a recipe! - Sybs I have had a good google and found this for your Spidercake puzzle


Morgan found this - I THINK that a spider was a cast iron pan on legs [like a spider!] that people used to use over a camp fire - tis probably on good old google somewhere! Memories of Little House on the Prairie type of stories spring to mind xxxx

And Witch Hazel found this which includes a link to a site which I am so going to savespider – A spider is a cast-iron skillet or frying pan. At one time, this cooking vessel had three long metal legs (enabling it to be set directly over the coals of a hearth fire). It was from these legs (since discarded) that the utensil received its name. Thought the legs were discarded with the coming of the range, the name has remained in many locations, referring to the cast-iron vessel only. 

I don't pretend that I had any idea what it was.... I googled it and found the definition here

If I try the spider cake recipe, I shall share the result.  

The Methodist Minister has been and was lovely.  I already knew the reading, the psalm and the hymns, so it was fairly straightforward.  I have taken delivery of some illicit fleece and two large cardboard IKEA boxes.  I am starting to get an idea for numbers for the funeral - I'm not baking!  Not even Spider Cake!  I am getting boxes of sausage rolls etc from Tesco.  I am not doing sandwiches, except possibly for father's family if they get here early.  

Looking around the house, I could cry.  However things are getting slightly better.  Just slightly, but better.  I have decided I am not going anywhere tomorrow or Friday.  I need to get on.  One of the things I need to work out is how to divide things up.  At the moment I have rubbish in bin bags, coloured bags are for stuff for the clothes bank/charity shop and white pedal bin liners are for stuff to be relocated.  However the coloured bags aren't really strong enough for the books that I am about to be sorting, and I don't know how to put aside things of father's that he wanted passing on without them getting confused with stuff that needs to go out/relocate/charity shop.  The only rooms unaffected by the turmoil are the bathroom and bear's room, neither of which are good for a stash.  

Also bear has managed to lose his fourth football in three days.  Actually it's three balls, one twice, and one of those three balls doesn't belong to him.   They are seriously lost, either in deep, deep brambles or down the cut where the drug users hang out.  I know that DH will object to bear getting another ball.  On the other hand, it is so wonderful when he is actually out happening to something that isn't a computer.  I am thinking that the £2.25 isn't a bad deal.  

I'm taking the rest of the evening at a quiet pace.  Tomorrow I start again.  

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  1. 'Scuse me, missis - I racked my brain for that ;) Never mind Googling.........

    Anyway - glad you are getting on a bit - Methodist ministers are a good breed! Much love xxx