Tuesday 14 December 2021

Must Make Lists

Ranee - I agree - if you love it then it doesn't matter about decorating schemes. Your house sounds lovely. I understand why you have the fragile and precious things away when you have four cats. To me, cats are proof that the world is isn't flat. If it was, cats would have pushed everything over the edge!

I am not getting much done. A lot of it is down to lack of sleep, but lack of focus isn't helping either. I need to sit down and make a list. One thing I need to do tomorrow is get the jars sorted out. I have a gazillion and four (well, nearly a gazillion and four) jars. Some are empty but dirty, some are clean, some have the last half inch of sauce, pickle or mustard in, some are full of forgotten and furry pesto and there are some out of date pickled onions. I looked out loads over the last week or so, and I need to get them empty, clean and to the bottle bank.

Also, after all that praise for bear, I think he may have lost his sports kit. With shin pads and football boots included, it's well over £100 lost if he has. He is being blase but I am not impressed and I shall find consequences if he has.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I hope he finds his kit and it is just misplaced somewhere!

    I hear you on the list making. I always mean to and then I don't. My mind bounces around so much I usually end up completely forgetting what I was going to do or I procrastinate too much. Sigh. The story of my life.

  2. Oh no, I sure hope Bear finds his sports kit. Too much money to just say "oh,well"...I understand the focus bit as I've done something to the fudge, when I made it (although, turns out it's edible - just not pretty) burnt the bark when making almond bark, then melted a second batch and lightly scorched it but threw the almonds in it anyway and it is fine, then burnt the spicy/sweet pecans at the last second. That was Monday. Yesterday, I made an apple pie with frozen apples my dad gave me. I made the crust from a box and had the worst time getting it to hold together, much less roll it out. I had to piece it together on the bottom and the top. The apples were so juicy that it cooked over onto the foil lined cookie sheet. In an attempt to remove it from the mess and put it on a piece of clean foil on a cooling rack, I found that a third hand was needed, as I dropped the pie. I scooped up the lost bits and threw them on top of the pie and walked away. Well, not exactly walked away, as I had flour and bits of pie dough everywhere. It was a disaster.So spent an hour cleaning up the kitchen. The pie tastes okay, barely and I think I overworked the crust but honestly, I'm staying out of the kitchen until my focus quits floating around the universe or wherever it is. Ranee (MN) USA (I hope it gets better for both of us)