Monday, 6 December 2021

So Much for Monday

Wherethejourneytakesme - I don't take any steps forward on a regular basis.

Sharon - I promise, not organised at all. I hope bear is taking it in, but I'm not putting on bets. You always seem to have an instinct for wildlife, so you must have paid attention somewhere.

My hip hurts. I'm struggling to get around. I definitely do not approve. Today's progress has been a little slow. I'm about to take some more pain killers and then I'll see how I go on. I had a shocking night last night as well. 

And the car engine light is on again. DH drove to some shops and came back slightly apologetic. I rang the garage and the lovely man who answered recognised me. Mind you, I left chocolates last visit. It's been a while so there may actually be something wrong with the car this time. I'm taking her in on Wednesday. I had hoped for a lie in on Wednesday as bear has the day off. It goes something like - the Queen has her jubilee and is giving everyone a day off next June. This does not work so well for schools as it's in the middle of exam season. Therefore the schools do not get a day off in June but instead take a day off some other time. With bear's school, it's Wednesday. I had planned to sleep in until at least 7am, but it looks like I will be out nice and early taking the car to the garage. Again. I shall take my knitting. Again. Also, possibly more chocolates.

Writing stuff - A further snippet in the flash fiction is here

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. I expect the school chose this Wednesday as they wanted the day off to do their Christmas shopping! I do hope you feel better soon - this weather is so miserable it drags you down anyway. If it is any consolation I have yet another sore throat - they seem to come and go at the moment probably just from a lack of human interaction for so long my immunity is low - also got dreadful neck tension - that will most likely be the Christmas stress - no matter how low key I try to keep Christmas there is always plenty to do.
    Hope you manage to get the car sorted - we too keep having warning lights coming on like the engine service warning light everytime we go through a puddle at the side of the road - and there are a lot at the moment with this bad weather - think the sensor must be oversensitive. Cars behaved much better when they were purely mechanical and not electrical.
    Take care x 🎄🎄🎄