Thursday 6 January 2022

Another Day, Another Ouch

Sharon - bear seems fine. He slept for around ten hours last night and woke up much in a good frame of mind.

Bless - thank you. I feel like it was an achievement.

Cherie - your comment was the second thing that reminded me of my late grandmother today. She made lots and lots and lots and lots of jam. My late grandfather ate it with gusto. Uncle made 20lb of gooseberry jam one year and it had gone by Christmas. Grandmother made far more than 20lb in a year, and she needed the jars. Everyone was under instructions to save every jar that they could. You say that you would never use all your jars for pickles, and I certainly wouldn't, but grandmother definitely did. To be fair, some batches were more successful than others, and they were fairly generic plum, blackberry, gooseberry etc, but the garden was huge and all she needed to buy was the sugar and the electric for making it. 

The other thing that reminded me of my grandmother was seeing a delicate china cup with lily of the valley flowers on, for May. My grandmother's mother was a Christian Spiritulist Medium. She kept the family with her 'readings' and 'meetings' during the thirties. This was no mean feat as grandmother was the second to youngest of eleven. Mother was grandchild number 44. I heard quite a lot and it has given me a certain sceptism, but there were odd things here and there. Grandmother had a 'message' when she was young that she should only have lily of the valley. All her soap had to be lily of the valley, and handcream, and perfume when she wore it. She had an emerald as an engagement ring as well, which was from another 'message'. My grandmother was ridiculously superstitious (as well as fun, open hearted, generous and kind), and would have loved the cup. 

I had my flu jab today. I am now a mass of aches and pains. I had a rotten night as well which didn't help. I had the jab first thing, then came home and napped.

I was woken by the Hermes man (who is lovely. I wasn't keen on the previous man, but this one is brilliant) and I got a new handbag. I'm sort of underwhelmed. it's about the right size, though, which is the important thing. The other important thing is that it was inexpensive.

I went to Tesco before picking up bear. I realised that we couldn't keep on with only two side plates in a household with three people, so I picked up four of their cheapest small plates. I had a '10% off a shop' left to use so I bunged in a lot of alcohol which I hope will keep me going for a while. I also picked up some pasties and steak slices for bear. His growing seems to need a lot of fuel and at least there isn't sugar in that lot. He won't eat cheese, milk or eggs, so I'm working around what I can. To be fair to him, those things have a track record of making him ill, so it's pretty reasonable. There were a lot of gaps in the supermarket. They didn't have the frozen stuff I wanted and I could have done with picking up some oil, but they didn't have my favourite brand. It was a shame about the frozen stuff as it was so cold it wouldn't have defrosted on the way home. I wore two sweaters and a tshirt when I waited for bear. 

I definitely need to get knitting, but not tonight. I'm shattered.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Glad Bear managed to get some rest and is feeling better.

    Wow - your Grandma sounds like a very interesting woman. I really enjoyed hearing about her. Did you get to spend a lot of time with her? I remember quite a bit about my Nana, mostly that she was a really talented woman, but quiet. She would indulge reading to me even when I was almost a teenager and the books I liked weren't really her cup of tea!