Tuesday 25 January 2022


Sharon - yes, looking for things to smile about helps a lot! I'm losing track of so much at the moment. It's not just making lists, but remembering to read them afterwards! 

Cherie - that sounds gorgeous

Akasha - you can use armpits as a replacement word in all sorts of situations and it always works.

Here is a very poor pic of a robin taken through my car windscreen at maximum magnification.

None of the dratted birds were either slow enough or around when I could get a decent pic with my phone. But my smiles today have all been about robins. I think I saw two different robins in the garden today, which probably means gang warfare. One has a tiny sliver of white on its wing. And then I saw a third (or one of the first two hitchhiked for the eight miles) in the car park when I was waiting to pick up bear.

Mind you, I had a little smile when I saw a squirrel dashing across the road near us (and no chance to take a pic). I shall have to keep an eye on the bird feeder. The squirrel will give the oversized pigeons a run for their money. 

And I managed to force myself for a very short walk today at Batley Park. It was deserted when I got there at around 7.50am and quite dim and cloudy. But at least I did a little.

I haven't done much else as I have been busy with writing stuff.

Writing stuff - I'm actually having fun with the edits. I know that editing is supposed to be grim, but I'm going through stuff with the Three Furies and it's been great discussing everything. Just in case you didn't realise, coming soon - King's Silver by yours truly.

And today's snippet of writing is here, the last in the Dark Picture series of short stories. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I'm glad the robins are making you smile. I watched some of the birds in my garden today. There were so hungry! I think it was because it was snowing most of the day. It was lovely to see them sitting in the snow in the tree near the feeder.

  2. Sadly, I don't get many birds visiting the garden ... too many cats roaming about! I did used to see a robin but there's been no sign of it this year so will enjoy the exploits of your robins instead.

  3. Well done going for a walk in the park! By the way, after all the recent discussion about sausages, I bought a packet of Italian sausages for $3.99 which seems to be the current "on sale" price! Had that for our dinner tonight, cooked with onions, bell peppers, and canned diced tomatoes, served over rice. :)