Wednesday 5 January 2022

Forty Seven

Eileen - kerbside collection sounds like a great opportunity. I don't have an excuse as there are clothing donation bins for the Salvation Army and Air Ambulance in the car parks of both Morrisons (where I pick up bear) and Tesco (which is my happy place). I think that you're right - something every day.

Rajani Rehana - thank you! Happy New Year

Bless - I'm going to have to be ruthless. But sometimes I look at a jar and think that it would come in useful at some time. I'm going to have to watch that.

Sharon - I'm doing my best to recycle, but I fail sometimes. I got dive bombed by the robin again today. As for books, I plan to start reviewing again so I'm tearing myself away from my old favourites and looking over the kindle books on Amazon. I think Kindle Prime has been really useful for me as a reader.

I think Eileen is right - a little each day. I've been postponing the jar cleaning as it slowly built up over the last few months. Today I counted the bottles and jars and I bunged forty seven into the recycling. I was surprised that alcohol was a relatively low proportion. Instead it was relish and pickle jars mainly, plus the jars from DH's pasta bakes and a few jars from curry sauce etc. I had been planning to do one big clean of all the jars, but I was daunted by the scale. By just doing a few here and there over the last few days and collecting all the empties, I more or less finished the task. There are still a few left, and I'm not looking forward to emptying the out of date mayonnaise, but the worst of it has gone. 

Poor bear can't move at the moment. He's had quite a sedentary Christmas, and he had double games on his first day back at school. He had a mile run followed by football with what sounded like a literally hard fought game. He has gone for a ridiculously early night.

Did you know that it's 'Clean up Your Computer' Month? I'm taking Eileen's advice on little and often, but I shared my thoughts on my writing blog here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It's a real sense of achievement when you clear out a load of jars. They take up so much space. I learned that I will never make/eat the amount of pickles that my jar collection would hold.

  2. I hope Bear feels better soon! I hate it when that happens. It's part of why I try to walk everyday. If I don't I really ache when I start up again!

  3. Well done on recycling that many jars! :)