Tuesday 4 January 2022


Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of jars. 

I have been failing at housework, as you know, and a part of that is letting the bottles and jars mount up. Some are the result of me drinking too much. On the other hand, there are mounds of jars from pasta bake sauce (for DH), mustard (the men), hot sauce (DH), jalapenos (DH), horseradish (the men), pesto (me), furry olives (my fault for forgetting), crusted jam (all of us), curry sauce (all of us), peanut butter (men), pickles (empty but need rinsing), and even some almond butter (me). Then there are the two unopened jars of expired mayonnaise and the expired roasted peppers. The peppers would probably be fine, but I don't like to risk it and if they went near bear and he knew, he would utterly reject them. 

I had been keeping some small jars back for pickled mushrooms, but I don't think that I will get to them soon and I want the space. I am feeling in the mood for a clear out. I have one overflowing bag for life in the boot of the car already, and another pretty full one ready to go. I'm going to be at the bottle bank all week! And as for the drive there - I'm going to be tinkling as I go!

I'm also starting to catch up with the washing. I'm starting to identify blocks in the road, that is, things that are getting in the way of me moving forward. The great textile heap is an ongoing issue, and I need to deal with it. It should get a little easier now as I have identified a few places to store sheets and stuff, and we all seem to have fewer clothes. Of course, the number of pairs of jeans a five year old needs is very different from the jeans owned by a fifteen year old. The jars were just so much in my way, and getting rid of them (or at least making a start) is one block. The textiles are next.

It's a lot colder today. I saw snow coming down last night when I went to bed, but it didn't stick. Frost is forecast for tomorrow. Bear starts school and I am hoping that I get a chance to catch my breath. It's looking like it's getting colder. I may have to crack on and get the jacket knitted. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I try to do well on the recycling but I admit to not doing as well as I probably could. I am really hoping to have a good clear out this year. There are so many things I have that I don't really need.

  2. I seem to collect jars, especially when they are glass jars. I reuse them to hold spices, etc., that I buy in bulk. And I use them for rooting cuttings of plants. Right now, I have two jars with sweet potato cuttings being rooted! Once I use a jar to root something, however, I don't use it for anything else; I put them in the recycling bin. :) It's the only way to keep my collection of jars to a reasonable number! :D

  3. Beautiful blog. Happy new year 🎉

  4. I'm making a start on sorting through clothes this week. There's a kerbside collection scheduled for Friday so I want to take advantage of that as it's an easy option. When that's done I want to reorganise the kitchen cupboards.

    Good luck with your sorting out. Do a little every day and you'll soon get it done. x