Monday 3 January 2022

So Far, so Fail

Now that we are back into 'normal' times, dinner was the pasta bake for DH, protein stuff for bear after climbing and leftovers for me. We still have enough goodies and treats stashed to keep us going until February, but the heating is going back down and the decorations will be packed up tomorrow. 

Bear goes into school on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will be sorting out his uniform. I didn't get his blazer dry cleaned over Christmas, but it didn't need it so much. I'll be very surprised if the schools stay open over the next few weeks. The numbers coming through seem grim.

I haven't managed to touch the to-do list again. I need to look a lot closer to that tomorrow. If I ever manage anything, I'll probably do a lap of triumph around the garden - depending on the robin, of course. It may be smaller than my cup of peppermint tea, but it's fierce. The glare I get as I go from car to door is terrifying and I've been divebombed before now.

I didn't realise that when we added the bird feeder we would have to put up with the risk of attacks, but it has been a source of real pleasure. Watching the sparrows squabble great entertainment. It's impossible to count them as they are always diving in, knocking each other off perches, swooping round, flitting off, diving back again and you can't keep track. I think that the blue tits are sweeter, though equally assertive. 

Writing stuff - latest snippet is here

Hugs and good health to all.  

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  1. Numbers are going up again here too. Our local library has closed again. It's a good thing daughter and I went there last week (they have a really nice used bookstore on the bottom level that is really cheap).

    I love watching the birds at my feeders. They have such personalities and are so interesting to study