Monday 31 January 2022

Keeping Busy

Bless - I daren't start making quilts. I have too many ongoing projects as it is! I'm glad I got the car serviced. They are pretty good here, and they use paper covers on the seats and stuff and it's in a very well ventilated huge garage. 

Heather - I love charity shop books, though I don't go in them so much as I should. You can pick up some amazing bargains. I keep hovering over the charity book table in Tescos but I restrain myself at the moment. As for cyclists - I'm terrified that I'm going to hurt one. I've always given them a wide berth. Fortunately I meet mostly those going to and from work, so they are sensible and work with the traffic. 

Eileen - I like the idea of a gratitude diary.

Today was a funny sort of day. I've done a few bits around the writing stuff. (Warning there's going to be a lot of writing stuff over the next few weeks, so just skim over it if you're not interested). Then I've done the school run, a couple of loads of washing and some online shopping. 

The picture that made me smile is this.

It's a huge hole in bear's joggers. He couldn't go climbing tonight because when you're hanging from a climbing wall at all angles, the last thing you need is a hole in that particular area. I'm not skilled enough to mend it without a patch, which almost certainly wouldn't work while climbing. He had almost grown out of them anyway and we were already researching the next pair. The thing that made me smile was that I bought him men's joggers. They are a small, and I got them from Amazon as the thought of dragging bear around the shops filled us both with dread and if they don't work then we can easily return them. But my lad is now heading towards men's clothing. He's taller than me (and more sensible) but he's still on the slim side and has some filling out to do. I am incredibly proud of him. 

Writing stuff - It's not medieval, but there's medieval in the background of today's flash fiction here. I'm making lists and notes of all the things I want to have on my blog when King's Silver is released and I'm having far too much fun for it to be legal.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Kids grow all of a sudden don't they. One day you are taller than them and then you blink and discover them towering over you.

  2. Lol at the thing that made you smile. They grow up so quickly!