Saturday 15 January 2022

Lovely and Warm

Cherie - to be honest, I started dating DH in 1987, and since then I've never really been interested in anyone else. I can see that someone is good looking in an academic way, but it doesn't do much for me. I'm looking at the young men with a view to describing action sequences, and I think not being particularly interested in them wouldn't help their feelings at all. As for whether bear has a lady friend, well, one day he may read this blog, and I'm trying not to mortify him too much, so I keep my speculations about any romance in his life to myself. I will be taking active steps to stay well away of anything like that, and I think bear will be grateful for it. 

Eileen - Thank you. I am not a natural morning person. Bear prefers to get up at 5am to finish his homework and bounds into school ridiculously early, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I think 5am ought to be illegal. Still, at least I got that photo. I'm keeping an eye out for the scavenger hunt ideas and thoroughly enjoying it. 

Sharon - thank you for your kind words on the pictures. I end up going ridiculously early because bear insists. It's not my natural habitat, but it is useful. As for bear, he's had to accept that his mother is as mad as a box of frogs for some years now, and is remarkably tolerant for his age. I am grateful. 

I had a very short drive out. I was planning on a longer drive, but it was seriously foggy. I have driven in fog, and I'm not scared of it like I am of snow, but there were times when visibility was seriously reduced and I thought it was irresponsible to be on the road if I didn't have to. I didn't get the really good pictures as I cut along a back road where the fog was thick and all the grasses and hedgerows were frosted as there was nowhere safe to stop. The road was fast and you couldn't see very far ahead so I would have been largely invisible. I stopped off at the co-op to get some fruit and got these pics. 

Afterwards we all settled in the study. There were breaks - I would be doing things downstairs, bear did some homework and DH had some time on his computer upstairs, but on the whole we hung out together, with the fire on and the huge seven-wick candle going and we were lovely and toastie. We had mince and mash again for dinner. 

I got totally fed up of the blanket I was knitting so just cast off. I cast off rather tight, though, so it doesn't look as good as it could. If I remember, I'll take a photo of the finished object later.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I love foggy mornings. It makes for some wonderful photos.
    It was nice hanging out together. It's nice to do that sometimes even if you are all just doing other things.

  2. Hi Lyssa. Been following your blog for years and have never managed to comment. Have just found the solution. Yay!! Lol. Anyway just wanted to say I love your blog. ❤️ X

  3. I like the last two photos of the trees ... very atmospheric.

  4. Love those foggy pictures! Especially the last one!