Monday 17 January 2022


Irune - thank you. I always have a soft spot for blue.

Eileen - there's quite a bit of weight to it, which I think helps. It's not so soft, but definitely warm.

I had a rotten night last night, then drove to help out a friend who needed lifts with a poorly cat. Then I came home, then back to pick up bear, then home, then off to take bear to the climbing, then home - around fifty miles all told, and some of the roads were tricky. I'm exhausted. I didn't manage to get the writing done for today. To be honest, I'm barely keeping my eyes open as I type. 

I am determined to keep going with the pics, though. Here is a pic that I took today of something that made me happy.

My friend bought me some treats, and we had some, then they came home with me and were very much appreciated. To show how much they were appreciated, I thought I would share a pic of the empty tub!

It has been a tough day, to be honest. The news was not good for my friend's cat, and then I found out that my brother had lost his dog, Woody. He had been on Scarborough beach, got the vomiting bug and was too elderly to fight through it. Woody was a rescue, probably around the same age as bear, and something of a mix. My brother got him when Woody was around three years old, and at the time the poor dog wasn't sure about carpet and didn't know what a treat was. Fortunately, he landed on his paws and was truly loved and incredibly well looked after. He saved bear from a locked room. Well, sort of. Bear went to have a rest in a room, but the door knob came away and he was stuck. It was Woody that let us know to go and get bear out. 

Woody was a good dog, full of love, always scrounging snacks and as gentle as you would wish. He's going to be missed.

And the writing stuff will definitely be there tomorrow.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The dogs being affected by the vomiting bug worries us. It's been on the news here and people are advised not to take their pets on the beach. There's something very wrong going on just lately.

  2. I think the container would have made me happy ... when it was full of course!

    You've had a stressful day with a lot of driving so I'm not surprised you are tired. I hope you catch up on your sleep and feel better tomorrow.

  3. I'm sorry the pets aren't doing well. They really become part of the family, don't they?

    All that driving does sound exhausting especially if it was stressful. Sometimes I find that I'm so tense and used up so much being anxious that when I do get home I am just so tired.

    Glad you found something to make you happy! I know that looking for something that makes me smile each day reminds me to look for the good and not be down all the time.

  4. So sorry to hear about Woody and your friend's cat, too. That's a lot of driving up and down that you did! Hope you had a restful night and today is better.