Thursday 20 January 2022


Sharon - Thank you. Bear's backpack has a lot of books. He sticks all of his school books in there so he never worries about forgetting to pack a book. He must be building muscles of iron. I think I will keep the scrubbies for scrubbing dishes and surfaces and possibly floors. I'll get some nice flannel face cloths instead.

Eileen - thank you! I never take support for granted, and I'm incredibly grateful. Some of the publicity artwork is amazing, they have done wonders.

Bless - thank you! I'm keeping everything crossed that the book does well.

This is an old picture of something that made me smile today. Our local robin, who is extremely assertive and has dive bombed me on the way in and out, tried to take on the Tesco delivery van. It was whizzing around and trying to get into the van, being very fluttery to the doors and generally being a Presence before zooming off. I explained to the delivery driver that I think that the robin is from Glasgow, and not the nice bits. It was probably referred to various services when young. The delivery driver thought it was hilarious.

I found this quote When all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done - Anon. It tells me that someone has taken minutes at a Church meeting.

I went with bear to pick up a new backpack as his current one was being held together by willpower. TK Maxx was the best shot, I thought, as it was on the way home and likely to sell backpacks. There weren't many, to be honest, and a lot of them were covered with logos which bear didn't like. I'm not sure that the school would have liked it either. We found one which was £24.99 (reduced from £74.99) and bear had a think (and got the opinion of a friend via the phone) and decided that was the one he wanted. He shared my opinion of the one next to it. It was labelled 'Fossil' which is an expensive brand, but it was £99 reduced from £399. I nearly fell over. I suppose it's the right thing for someone who isn't a school kid dragging around an illegal weight of books, but I flinched. 

I'll be honest, I think sometimes it is worth paying a little more. I've written before about a pair of Bench jeans I got bear from TKMaxx years ago, at a price that I thought was a fortune at the time, even after the mark-down, but they lasted him for ever and were really good quality. I just don't think I could physically hand over £99 for a bag that wasn't that brilliant, to be honest. I may one day find a really good bag that is worth that sort of money. Quality lasts. I think I may still go for something less expensive. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I'm with you on paying a bit more for something of quality. Bear will make very good use of it so it's worth paying a bit more for it.

  2. I like your photo of the robin. Your description of him to the delivery driver made me laugh ... I love your way of thinking about things like that. 😀

  3. Some people have guard dogs, you have a guard robin! I love it!
    I sympathize with you over Bear's backpack issues. My daughter, too, used to lug around a backpack that weighed so much that I couldn't even budge it! She had her favorite brand, which wasn't cheap, but, it was sturdier. When it developed a hole, I patched it. When it developed another hole, I patched that, too! Eventually I relined the whole inside and outside of that backpack and we replaced it only when the straps began to fray.

  4. Yikes. I think I'd cringe at spending that much on a backpack - probably why mine break all the time lol.

    I love your photo of the robin and the story behind him. I think like that all the time when I'm bird watching.