Monday 24 January 2022

Pootling On

Bless - the sausages are a supermarket own brand and much cheaper than the meat ones I use. I have to be careful because I can't have gluten and a lot of the sausages have breadcrumbs or wheat of some sort in. The cheapest on sale ones that I can have are £2 for six. The food prices here have been very cheap for a while. I think they are going to be rising quite a bit. DH won't eat pork as a preference, so I usually stick to chicken and sometimes beef or have veggie stuff.

Sharon - I have a lovely soft jacket-type thing which I wear all the time. It's supposed to be a bed jacket. I am not bothering with that. It's a pale grey and looks like a cardigan. It's a lot better than turning up the heating.

Cherie - there is always soup! I think I could do with more freezer space, as I always seem to be squeezing stuff in as I'm catering to all sorts of preferences. I'd love to have room to freeze some home made soup again.

Eileen - the sausages don't have a texture like real sausages. I don't know how best to describe the texture. Perhaps like dense stuffing from a mix, and because I do them in the Halogen oven where the fat drops out, they are quite dry. They may be worth a gamble, but they are not great copies. I serve them with gravy and treat them as their own thing.

Lots of not much at all happening here. I haven't been for a walk in ages. I must try and get back to that. One thing about the challenge to take a pic of something that makes you smile is that it makes me look around for things and actively search for the smile. Today I took a pic of where bear goes climbing. I had a nice chat with another adult while our kids were climbing and a hot chocolate. 

They are a lovely bunch there, and very kind. Bear is in good hands.

I'm going to have to do some serious list making and stick to it. I've got so many different things going on that I'm not sure what I'm missing.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. That's why I like doing the photos that make me smile! It certainly makes you take time to appreciate at least one thing a day.

    I am trying with the list making, but some days my mind is working a mile a minute and I forget. It happens a lot. I've been meaning to buy a belt when I go to the shops and everytime I forget. It would be so much easier if I wrote a list lol

  2. I currently have a huge lamb bone simmering on the stove. It will make a gorgeous soup base but will get used up this coming week so I've no need to freeze it. I'm hoping for a good fruit crop this year which will get frozen instead of being given away. It's always nice whipped up in yoghurt and makes a lovely dessert.