Friday 21 January 2022

Twitter and the Cost of Living

Cherie - within reason, I always think that it's better to go with quality. I believe in the idea of buying quality sausages rather than cheap steak if money is tight. It's just knowing what is worth checking the quality and what isn't. It's not easy. 

Eileen - thank you. That robin is a character and I thorough enjoy having one around!

My twitter history is worse than my Google search history, and that is a pretty big statement. I find links to twitter in the middle of a highly debated thread on somewhere like Mumsnet and click. I don't necessarily go for the original point, but to see what else is floating around and what the original person actually follows. I've had quite an education doing that, and a lot of entertainment.

Yesterday I found a tweet by Jack Monroe, and I thought I would share. There's about a gazillion replies to it, but it's here if you are interested. Jack Monroe made the point that the increases in the cost of living affected those who had less rather than those who had money to spare. 

The series of tweets shows that basics have gone up more than luxuries. She tweets that the basics pasta has gone up from 29p to 70p, a rise of 141%. I've noticed that since the beginning of December, Morrisons gluten free fusili has gone up from 60p to 75p for 500g. It's 15p, which objectively would be described as a small amount, but as a percentage, it's a lot (which I'm unable to calculate and bear has gone to bed). Jack Monroe added,

And just to add: - an upmarket ready meal range was £7.50 ten years ago, and is still £7.50 today. - a high-end stores ‘Dine In For Two For £10’ has been £10 for as long as I can remember. - my local supermarket had 400+ items in their value range, it’s now 91 (and counting down)

I've noticed in strange places, like the cost of Tesco mushy peas, and the availability of bargains for rice milk, the cost of basics is going up.

I'm tempting fate by telling you my plans (which rarely ends well) but I'm off to google again the way to keep a price book. Inflation is affecting us all, and the strategies for saving the pennies are going to change. The fundemental strategy, if I remember correctly, is that when you see a good sale, go for it with gusto. However you need to be able to identify the good sale.

As for what made me smile today, it was an empty tin.

I picked it up when I got bear's backpack yesterday. It originally contained stropwaffles, the thin biscuitty type things with a sticky filling which you place over a cup of coffee to make the syrup run. The men have disposed of the contents. I just wanted the tin. I have no idea how I will use it, but use it I will. I love the blue and white stuff.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. I must admit that Twitter is one thing I have not got on lol.

    As to the cost of living. Things here have gone up so much. They are a lot more expensive than food in the UK. Fruit and veg is really expensive. Even frozen food is expensive. I did so much better when I was at Mum's in the summer!

  2. I had to google strop waffles as I'd never heard of them. My teeth ached when I saw how much sugar in it's various guises is in them.

  3. The rising costs of the basics is worrying and I find I am planning my meals and shopping more carefully than I used to in an attempt to keep costs down.

    It's a pretty tin.

  4. I did have to smile about Bear and the backpack. It brought back memories of our three children and their backpacks. Had to be a certain colour and certain 'in' make. Why do young people insist on carrying all their books!!! My ex son in law bought our granddaughter a bag for school, large, leather and a name. I almost had to sit down when P told me what it cost.....trying to buy love I thought!! I read Jack's comments on Twitter. Yes costs have really gone up and product sizes have shrunk too. Shame we/I have not shrunk too. Nice tin by the way.

  5. Very pretty tin! I love blue and white stuff and have a whole collection of all things blue and white!

    As for the cost of things, a lot of our groceries have gone up in prices. Beef, especially, went up almost 21% and I have simply stopped buying beef. I've switched to pork, instead, and chicken, of course.