Wednesday 12 January 2022

Halfway Through the Week

Heather - DH says that it has made a difference to his room already.

Sharon - I can't see how I'm ever going to reach the word count, but I'm not going down without a fight. I think turning the background heating right down and just heating a room is the way for us to go. Thank you for the kind words on the sunrise. It was gorgeous and I thought I would have a go.

Cherie - I'm hoping it's not too expensive. Bear has one and uses it far too much (in my opinion) but as neither of the men can be persuaded to put on a sweater, it's good that they keep warm.

Eileen - You take lovely pictures. I hope I can keep up. I think it will be wonderful to look back on the year, so hopefully that will keep me going. 

And on the topic of pictures, I don't have any good ones today, just some random knitting ones.

I was cracking on with the knitting as I was waiting for bear, and the static in the yarn was driving me nuts. This has been an ongoing problem. Here is a pic from a few days ago.

It's just clinging there by itself. The dratted stuff won't come away from my sleeve, my hand, the steering wheel, the knitted fabric or the seat. I'm sure you could run a house on the electricity coming off it.

I don't know whether it was the static or just generally cheap yarn, but the yarn started out like this (one of the balls that I'm taking to the charity shop)

And today it prolapsed. It is full of twists and malice.

Once I have finished off this skein, I'm going to cast off and call it finished. That will be one old project off the list.

Something really good today. I have been wearing only slippers as my feet have been so swollen. When I first started driving lessons, I could barely fit my feet into slippers and couldn't go far. But with the movement while driving, and trying to take walks, the swelling is imperceptibly going down and I'm moving faster and further (though not fast or far in an absolute sense, I'm just getting better). Today the slippers fell to pieces while I was driving. It sounds more dramatic than it is, but parts of them were held together with velcro, and it wasn't sticking. I didn't feel safe driving like that, so I stopped off and got some more slippers and they were easy to get on! They weren't standard slippers, but they weren't that bad. It's going in the right direction. I feel quite overwhelmed.

Writing stuff - I checked out Neverwas Magazine. It's a big steampunk magazine, and they did a review of the year. My book was one of three mentioned, out of loads reviewed, and it was described as 'Lyssa Medana's impressive debut novel'. It's here, if you're interested, but it's just a short snippet in an article. It's left me grinning like a lunatic all day. I've also put a bit of chat on my writing blog. 


  1. I admire you. I can't knit to save my live (but it is going to be one of this year's adventures!!) but you do get plenty of your knitting projects finished. The static would have driven me nuts and I bet you're glad to say goodbye to that project.

  2. I like your knitting photos. They tell a story and that's always what a good photo does!

    Glad to hear about your feet improving. Sorry about the slippers and I hope the new pair are really comfortable!

  3. Lovely yarn color, even if it was staticky and all tangled up! Good news about the swelling going down in your feet! And how wonderful to have your novel recognized as being impressive! Well done! I'm grinning on your behalf! :D