Saturday 8 January 2022

Pictures Coming

 Sharon - that snow sounds a lot scarier than mine. Most of my journey was just a light dusting. Sending all good vibes that you can get to the lighthouse - haven't you posted pics of that before? If I remember, I always love them. Stay safe and warm. Thank you for your kind thoughts.                  

As for my grandmother, she was something of a character. My mother went back to work soon after I was born and my grandmother looked after me. She loved her shopping, loved to chat and, looking back, was incredibly kind. 

Eileen T, on A Bracelet of Days, has posted a scavenger hunt with pictures (link to her post here). She is kindly allowing me to take part, even knowing how erratic I am. There are a list of 20 things to look for, and I am late to the show as it started on 1 December. I thought I would have a look through my pics since 1 December and see what I could find that fitted. After today, I can go out and actively look! This is what I have so far.

Something I use everyday - my old handbag. I took a pic to compare to the new one.

A gift - I finally took a pic today of the awesome steampunk cat that I got for Christmas

The weather today - I actually took it yesterday and it's the traces of snow left by the afternoon.

Free Choice - I took this at the start of December. How could I resist a pic of a disembodied manequin's leg? 

I shall take my list for a walk tomorrow. It's a great incentive for me to look outwards.

I was unimpressed with the men tonight. Once again I was bamboozled as they both decided that they would prefer a snacky sort of dinner after nibbling all afternoon. This left me with nothing serious set up to eat plus some surplus mushrooms. They are getting the Keema Bombay Potatoes for dinner tomorrow with the mushrooms whether they like it or not!

I got the recipe from the £1 per meal book that I bought ages ago. The recipes are for only one serving, and some of them are a little fancy for me. One of them called for 20g of lamb mince. I can only imagine the butcher's face if asked for that! But it has some good ideas in. And if the men carry on in this way, I can imagine me making a lot of meals for one. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. A great start to the photo hunt. I think the steampunk cat is my favourite although the abandoned mannequin leg is going to take some beating for 'own choice'! Thanks for joining in Lyssa. x

  2. Nice photos! I like your steampunk cat. The leg made me laugh! Where did you find that? Doing a photo challenge always makes you look around for things you might not see before. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

  3. Those are great photos for the winter photo hunt! Loved the steampunk cat and that mannequin leg is something else! :D