Thursday 13 January 2022

Careful Where I Look

Eileen - Thank you. I can't wait to finish off the blanket. I am seriously considering just casting off the next row and not bothering about untangling it. It must be about four foot square, which isn't a bad size and will be fine across my legs in the evenings. I just want it done. Good luck with going for knitting. Once you get the hang of it, it can be incredibly relaxing. 

Sharon - thank you. I have a habit of seeing the world as stories, which I suppose is a help and a hindrance. It makes life more interesting, so I'll take it. The new slippers are pretty awesome.

Bless - thank you. It's a real encouragement.

We had an early start this morning as I have issues with a road on the usual route being closed which means I have to tackle some tricky driving early in the morning. I wanted to get a head start before the crazy traffic started. Bear was all for this, so I dropped him off ridiculously early before nipping into Tesco for some brown thread. I was there so early that the car park looked like this as I was leaving.

I pottered around at home with some minor bits and bobs plus writing before heading off to pick up bear. I saw this to make me smile - blossom

It's probably too early, but I was happy to see it. 

Then I took bear to climbing. I think I may wait in the car next time. I write stores that could be classified as Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance and they involve lots of hard faced, muscled young men. I have a medieval fantasy novel coming out next month. That also has a selection of hard faced, muscled young men. The climbing centre is full of hard faced, muscled young men. I kept catching myself looking and mentally running down a description for writing, and I shouldn't be staring at young men at my age.. I'll get myself banned if I'm not careful. Bear had a great time, and that is what is important.

Off for an early night. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I have visions of you being escorted out of the climbing centre 🤣🤣

  2. Prefer my man to look like a well worn sofa. I'll leave the muscled ones for the young folk....:-)

  3. It's better to go early! No traffic and no people. I am not a people person so the less the better. Love the flower/plant. Everything here still buried by snow.

  4. I used to love going grocery shopping early in the morning! These days, I don't do early mornings! LOL.